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Re: Introduction!

"Adam D. Moss" wrote:

> I have no recollection of what the remit of this mailing list is, but
> from the flavour of the postings over the last several months it seems
> to be 'general discussion of gaming under Linux: playing and creating.'

Not so much 'playing' - but definitely 'creating'.

> So I hope that coding sorts of questions aren't discouraged (doesn't
> seem to be the case)!

Coding questions are fine - so long as they are either reasonably
Linux or games-related and not *too* elementary.
> I like to ask questions that aren't totally Linux-games
> specific.

(Actually, it's quite hard to ask a question that's both Linux-specific
and gaming-specific.)

> The reason I ask them here is that to be honest the
> quality of discussion here is rather good, but more pertinantly
> the people here are used to low-budget D.I.Y. solutions rather
> than plucking a commercial windows solution to a technical or
> modelling problem off the shelf...

That's certainly true.

> ...and have mildly less wildly-rampant
> egos than on most of the game-dev fora on the net.  (Though this
> mailing list seems fairly well-hidden... maybe those of us with
> web-sites would like to prostitute it more actively?)

No!  That's why it's not full of wildly rampant ego's.

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