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Re: Not a HOWTO but a guide of some sort...

> 	GNOME? KDE? GTK? PenguinPlay? GGI? SVGALib? Mesa? OpenGL? CrystalSphere?
> etc, etc, etc. Docs I can read. But, which one is best for what? Strengths?
> Weaknesses? Individual reviews would be useful, but a concise, to-the-point
Although I like the desktop movements I would not promote the use of gnome
or kde libs as they would be specific to the desktop at hand. The
underlying libs of both of thouse would be better ie gtk and qt. OpenGL
you would have to pay for unless you went with mesa which would be alright
however some of the game libs use mesa and have extra functionality.
PenguinPlay CrystalSpace and clanlib all have there strengths and
weaknesses for shure you may even consider using multiple libs ie Crystal
and PenguinPlay. Each for the task that they are best suited to.

Personaly I am currenly just doing homework on the varius libs to find the
copying restricktions vs usability and that kind of thing. And then there
is the language deal ie which ones support things other than c or c++
some of the best games out there are being developed with things like lisp
or python. Nintendo uses lisp and pysol written in python is the best
solitare game I have seen for Linux. Pysol is playable on all of the
platforms that python has been ported to. Even though some complain of the
speed it is much faster than java from what I have seen. And lots of
people have been looking at java. Personaly I wouldn't touch the stuff but
each to his own. Guile which is a dialect of scheme which is a dialect of
lisp showes promise as GNU wants to make all future gnu programs extesable
through guile. the Gimp also uses a type of lisp script foo for it

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