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Re: Is Linuxgames still alive?

> The linuxgames.org site - and this list - currently remind me
> a little bit of the late lamented Freedows project; there
> seems to be more talk about how to organize the site than
> about code.

Actually I always thought the list was rather light on talk and
people were doing their own things.  Anyway.

If you don't like something do it yourself.  (This is meant in a
positive tone not a snap remark.)  I've always found that just
doing something worked better at getting useful response than
simply talk about the lack of help.

Those without an idea of how to start making a game, the suggestion
of an asteroid type game is good.  I'd personally suggest space
invaders or pacman myself.  (Checking collisions for asteroids on
the edges is annoying.)  Your welcome to use any of the source from
yaroid, my net yaroze asteroid game.
(The code is specific to the net yaroze and poorly commented so I
can't say I'd suggestit but it is there.)

Another resource you might want to check out is the Action
Arcade Adventure Set.  I still haven't had time to read it and it's
not Linux specific but could be helpful for game design in general.

Dennis Payne