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Re: Is Linuxgames still alive?

On Thu, 07 Jan 1999, you wrote:
>On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Glenn Bautista wrote:
>> What if we just make it a strategy game?.... I'm asuming that we need 
>> this simple game to show off some graphics etc.. for the other libs??...
>> So lets say we make it an Economic strategy game.... with Economic
>> influence in replacement for invading other star systems??... so we'll
>> have these star ports etc. and trade ships etc.. but we'll also have
>> something of an incentive other than getting rich. ??... and then maybe
>How about destorying a monopoly instead of the usual anal
>consume, horde and control everything type of sim. 
>Evil Empire Corp. owns 90% of the market in the known universe, 
>objective being to liberate the market and establish a free 
>market revival. The EEC naturally doesn't like this so they have 
>hired suits and pirates to take care of the threat (the player). 
>Does that sound too lame or political ?

I can hang with C.

Your idea sounds sort of like an RPG rather than a strategy game. 
while you mentioned it (in your previous message) it does remind me of
Tradewars, and I did kinda like that game.
Hopefully, of course the game can grow into more of military/economic game
rather than just a one-sided type game.  I think the "newness" of the idea I
have is that you can become involved in both the market side of the game and
also in the military side without sacrificing one or the other to the god of
"Playability".  It might make the thing have a steep learning curve, but that
never put off those hordes of Empire players. :)

I think the main thing that would help other newbie designers (myself included)
is to hammer out the basics of the game in code and put the results up for ppl
to get a hold of.  That way, even if they couldn't get involved in the project
they could see how we solved problems that they themselves will probably have.

Also, Ken and Glenn, if we want to get started I will send you each a copy of
some of the background docs I have written by email.  I will have to type them
up, of course (as soon as I figure out why I can't compile gtk+ 1.1.12)   and
then send them to you.

If more ppl are interested I could try to find space to make them available.

anywayz, eyes are blurring,