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Re: Not a HOWTO but a guide of some sort...

Johnny Taporg wrote:

> There's GAMES.  GAMES is a tiny library
> which handles sprite animation.  Although it is
> not a very general library (completely tied to X, and
> not particularly extensible) it does its job, which
> you can see from a couple of nifty games written for
> it.

We at the GAMES Project (meaning me) are trying to "untie" the Sprite32
library from X by including lots of general-purpose features. A GGI
version is already being planned and will be available Real Soon Now :)
Using conditional compilation I plan to create a library that can
compile to run equally well on top of X, GGI, or even (ugh) Win32. I
just wanted to get the gotchas out of the X version first.

p.s. Tiny is cool :)

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