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Re: Is Linuxgames still alive?

Dan Kegel wrote:

> Bert Peers schrieb:
> > days, and if a site can explain how all the Linux equivalents of
> > common Windows rip-offs^H^H^H^H^H^H^H OS-concepts
> > like multithreading, networking etc work, it'd be a MAJOR hit.
> For what it's worth, I've been working on a portable
> game networking library for some time now.  The interface
> is rather like Direct Play (in fact, I thought of calling
> it FauxPlay for a while :-), and programmers report that it's
> fairly easy to switch to my API from DirectPlay.

This sounds very interesting, is there an URL on the site ?
But, just to stay in line with previous posts, would you
consider writing a doc on some truths and don'ts you
discovered while writing this API ?  This shouldn't even
mean giving away all the discovered trade-secrets,
just a relatively general overview.  Not *too* general
though ;)

 I mean, there *has* to be some balance point inbetween
the two extremes.  At one end, there's "read Software Engineering",
that gives you 'porting == {MATURE, Separation of concerns,
High cohesion Low coupling blablablabla }' which is too general,
not practical, the other end is 'porting == my lib' :)  I love a good
lib, the only downside is they tend to be the slowest way to

Er, I'm starting to repeat here, so unless someone followups,
that's it ;)

> License, because the company does want to be able to
> offer an unencumbered version of the library
> to companies that can't deal with GPL / don't want to
> publish their games' sources.
> Bert, do you think that's the right license?

I'm not an expert on licenses, but I've noticed that most
developers hate it when they can't twiddle or "fix" a lib
without keeping the "fixes" for themselves.  You clearly
see / hear this when you wander at Develop!, CGDC etc..
There is probably always some optimisation to be gained
from tweaking a general lib/API to exploit some specific
data-xfer characteristics (in the case of a netlib) of this or that
project (just to give a silly example).


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