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Re: Writing games in interpreted languages

Bert, I agree 100% with you. A great many years ago in a programming
course in College, my instructor siad something that in this case seems
quite appropriate... "A real programmer doesn't start with a language
and build a program, rather he/she starts with a program (in this case
he was refering to psuedo-code) and selects the most appropriate
language for the task". All to often forgotten I'm afraid...

Happy New Year everyone!


Bert Peers wrote:

> <rant>
> I agree.  I don't understand why some people are still
> referring to timings as the authorative decision factor
> as to what language to use.  It depends on the project.
> The language is only a vehicle for writing down a way to
> solve a problem, and if the problem is mostly about
> manipulating text, then awk or perl is the choice,
> if not for speed reasons then for ease of development and
> robustness.  If it's about webbased client/server computation,
> Java might be best.  If the solution is easily expressed with
> functional decomposition, C is the way to go, and for a
> more direct mapping between real world objects and their
> computer representation, C++ might be best.
> This is so clear cut I don't understand people still miss
> out on this one :)  Or am I myself missing something :)
> </rant>