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Re: Is this list still alive?

On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Steve Baker wrote:

>Actually, looking at HappyPenguin, I'd say there were more cases of people
>aiming too low than aiming too high.  So many authors produce something
>perfectly competent and generally bug-free - but just too outdated to be
>interesting.  That's why there are 42 versions of Tetris and 14 of Bomberman.

Yep, but they manage to get something done, which can be extended if the
author(s) still think it's fun. If you aim to create the next Quake you'll
probably just end up with a big ugly mess that never can be sued for

>I'm concerned that people are NOT buying Loki games in the volumes you'd
>expect.  I very much doubt that this is because OpenSource game are so

I bought Myth II a year ago when it came out, and enjoyed it quite a
bit for a while. The support for 3D-cards was abysmal, and AFAIK no
support for any never cards/architectures has appeared, so I can't play it
anymore. My expensive investment gathers dust in my bookshelf now.

>Well, I *enjoy* writing games - and I'm certainly not going over to Windoze -
>so I won't ever stop doing this.

Well, you are one of the few within the Linux gaming scene that has
produced a lot of fine code, within several areas too.

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