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Re: Is this list still alive?

Steve Baker wrote:
> Chris Purnell wrote:
> >
> > On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 10:44:04PM -0600, Steve Baker wrote:
> >
> > > I want to write a game where the scenery builds itself using fractals and such
> > > like - and the critters in the game are generated with genetic algorithms. That
> > > way, I won't *need* no stinkin' artists.
> >
> > You were talking about writing a genetic algorithm critter generator.
> > How far did that get?
> Well, I"m still *talking* about it.
> I've played a bit with the infrastructure for rendering and selecting critters - but
> it's very hard to come out with a manageable number of genes that have the right
> criteria to make evolution of a wide variety of creatures possible without imposing
> limits due to my own imagination.

I wouldn't mind and evolutionary system which simply altered models
randomly in several defined ways - just to provide variation on a single
standard model which is artist created. It wouldn't be bad to have many
different types of human models, based on a single simple model, but
which all look different. Some monsters could be created this way too.

If there was some way then to add "imperfections" to a model, outside of
the actual model data - like say a hunchback or horns, and then species
evolve by inheriting these and randomly adding more to them, then we
could end up with some pretty messed up creatures !

However, apart from actual creature models, natural things and textures
should be easy to randomly create (landscapes, rocks, and trees).

Bye - Joel.

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