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Re: GGZ (was:Is this list still alive?)

On Sat 13 Jan 2001 15:59 J. Perkins wrote:
> Sorry, I missed the original post, but I think the author wants to
> do something like WildTangent (www.wildtangent.com) -- which is a
> collection of COM components for Internet Explorer.

Creating 3D apps with standard script languages? Nope. Apart from that I 
don't like WildTangent (popping up an advertising window which wants private 
data when clicking on "Privacy Terms" is cynical), my code is not intended to 
be limited to something it doesn't have to be. It is sometimes difficult 
(e.g. the optimisation to konqueror is already a "breaking the standards" for 
some people), but I try to fulfil the needs of both the traditional Linux 
user and the newbies who don't care about licenses, rules and whatever. This 
sounds strange as I am not anything better than a newbie by myself (started 
just 20 months ago with my first installation), but if a programmer has to 
have e.g. the GNU-against-KDE conflict in mind everytime he drops a line of 
innocent C code down, there would be a zero production of applications.

Josef Spillner

The MindX Project - http://mindx.sourceforge.net
student - js177634@inf.tu-dresden.de
qmail - foomail@internet24.de

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