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RE: RFOR: Is LGDC really great?

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> From: 	Christian Reiniger[SMTP:creinig@mayn.de]
> Reply To: 	linuxgames@sunsite.dk
> Sent: 	Friday, January 04, 2002 3:26 AM
> To: 	linuxgames@sunsite.dk
> Subject: 	Re: RFOR: Is LGDC really great?
> On Friday 04 January 2002 02:39, Green, Aaron wrote:
> > What would be really nice is a slashcode type setup for news.  I love a
> > site that has new news everytime I visit.  Also, I know there are
> > 10,000 forums out there but one here wouldn't hurt.  I mean, IkonBoard
> > or phpBB is free, easy to setup, and would help with Linux dev
> > problems.  Many ppl just don't like subscribing to mailing lists.  I
> Um, you know that we already have this (except for the "new news..)? It's 
> not as nice as slashcode, but last time I checked it worked..
Ahh yes, I see it now, not a direct comments link, but a forum link that takes you to a comments page.  Can I suggest renaming this and making the font bigger?  I really didn't even know it was there.

> > also love categorized links to articles on the web.  Much like
> > Gamedev's, but of course, this would be a little more targeted.  You
> http://lgdc.sunsite.dk/resources/category20.html or
> http://lgdc.sunsite.dk/articles/
> :)
Thanks for pointing that out.  I am kind of confused about resources and articles, what's the difference?  

> > can definitely put me down for a "reporter" though.  subnet_rx is my
> > username.  I love reading and in fact, am on a Linux 3D programming
> > book by Norman Lin right now.
> Ok, done. The maintenance links (for news and resources) will appear 
> after you relogin. Please take your time to become familiar with the 
> forms before posting.
np, thx.