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Re: Where do I begin?

Chris <chris@starforge.co.uk> writes:

> Assuming that your AI guys have a modicum of C or C++ coding
> knowledge (which most will I expect, especially on Linux) creating
> dynamically loaded librarires is fairly simple - trivial if you give
> them templates, a makefile and good documentation on the interface
> functions. dynamic libraries, by their nature, can be unloaded and
> reloaded and they give you far higher performance, lower memory use,
> no need to write or try to integrate an interpreter (which can be a
> headache on its own) and you can do so much more with compiled code
> in the same space.

Well, it depends on what you want to do. If you want to write the AI
for an First-Person shooter, then yes, dynamic-objects could be quite
a bit faster. But if you are writing some sort RPG or adventure game
then writing the game logic, the dialogs and the story line in C or
C++ wouldn't be really such a good idea, scripting languages are *far*
more useable for such a job and speed wouldn't be much of a problem,
since the scripting code would mainly be called at specific hooks
(when a player talks to an npc, when a player enters a specifc area,

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