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Re: Loki...

Steve Baker wrote:

> fun in.  Good game levels fall somewhere between those two extremes.  You'd
> like to be able to write a drama in which the player takes a part - because
> then you can make it as exciting as you want - but if you don't provide
> the player ways to make mistakes, ways to explore, the possibility of him
> inventing a new solution - then it's a movie and not a game at all.

This may or may not be interesting food for thought:


This is a thread on the Cassandra Project public forums (TCP is a DeusEx mod
headed by Kieron Gillen (I think that's the right spelling) one of PC Gamer 
UK's writers). When Witchboy posted his thoughts on game design we got 
involved in a fairly lengthy discussion about non-linearity, scripting and 
emergent  gameplay. Some it is just a bit of an argument (that's just the 
way a few of them are on there) but you may find some of the points 
interesting. Or not. I found the whole thing fairly interesting anyway.

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