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Re: Loki...

Steve Baker wrote:

> Then we'd have a level playing field.  If Linux is technically better
> at running a particular game - then that game will be written to run under
> Linux.   If most games end up running under Linux then we win - if Windoze
> turns out to genuinely have some features (Direct-X perhaps) that make it
> easier to write/run games then we lost fair-and-square...but we can (and
> would) adapt.

I'd disagree, because you are only taking end-user factors into 
consideration, and you are assuming that everyone involved plays fair. Even 
if you did manage to level the platform playing field you then need to 
persuade games companies that it is worth their time employing a team of 
linux coders to parallel-develop, more beta testers (if they even have such 
things for games these days, sometimes I wonder) and ensure that they design 
the game in such a way that it works as well on Linux as on Windows. Then 
you have to persuade retailers to make shelf room for linux versions of the 
game (and since most retailers treat shelf space as a premium resource, 
you're going to have to be very good at persuading them).


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