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Re: A question to everyone...

Steve Baker wrote:
> You also need a cross-platform audio solution.  My own PLIB
> does that for fairly simple requirements - or you could look
> at OpenAL.  I don't know enough about SDL to speak to it's
> audio portability - it's probably OK.

I was primarily planning on using OpenAL (haven't done a
shred of sound code for the project yet, so I can change
my mind) but after recent events I'll have to track its
momentum more closely to ensure I wouldn't be backing a
dead API.

Otherwise, I'd fall back to generic SDL audio.  The SDL
audio API seems adequate if not excellent (about on-par
with basic OSS featurewise, but with the OSS bugs hidden

> OpenGL is absolutely standard between all platforms (although
> the Windoze version is OpenGL 1.1 with all the 1.2 and 1.3 stuff
> added as extensions by the driver writers).

Good, good!

> MacOS-9 is considerably harder to deal with - everything about
> it is weird - you'll really need a MacOS expert to help you port
> stuff.

Have most Mac-gamers moved to MacOSX (or are very likely to within
a year) or has adoption been slow?

> Well, if you are trying to cross-compile for Windoze under Linux,
> you have some considerable difficulties to surmount.

Oh, I wouldn't do it that way.  It's cute, but so tricky.

> * If you are writing a commercial game - just suck it up and buy
>   a Windoze machine to do compiles on.

This is the way I'm set to go.  Or, rather, I'll annex a
musician or artist's mswindows machine to double as a win32 test
build platform.  ;)  No budget to spare on yet another mswindows
license, and, you know, it's not like I love to throw money at
megacorps at the best of times...

Thanks for the input!

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