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Re: Storytelling (Was Re: Loki...)

"Adam D. Moss" wrote:
> Steve Baker wrote:
> > There were a couple of panel sessions at last year's SigGraph about this.
> > Once we have nailed photo-realism and game physics, how do we make better
> > games?
> [snip]
> I'm very pleased to see this subject brought up on the list!
> The story and direction issues you mentioned are valid and important,
> but did the panel cover any interesting solutions rather than just
> iterate the depth of the problem?

To be honest, no - they just explained the problem and stressed it's
importance.  There were some artsy playwright people there who
babbled on about character-arcs and plot-theory - but I kinda zoned
out because it didn't seem to be going anywhere towards something
you could even think about implementing.


> Alternatives -- algorithmic storytelling?  It's hard to see that
> computers have the heart for it.  Such a story would likely be
> extraordinarily formulaic by nature.

I think that's the goal here.
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