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Re: Keys in SDL

Miguel A. Osorio wrote:

Bill Kendrick wrote:

>On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 06:25:48PM -0200, Miguel A. Osorio wrote:
>>Hey people,
>> It's been quite some time since someone last posted here :) So here's
>>one simple problem I'm having. Using SDL, I coded some routines to get
>>input in the form of a string, but I'm having trouble with keys that
>>need a SHIFT to come out correctly - for instance, if I press a '4', ok,
>>but if I press SHIFT + '4', I still get the SDLK_4 symbol.
>Check the 'event.key.keysym.unicode' value when you get the SDL_KEYDOWN event.
>That's what I do in Tux Paint to cobble together strings in the 'Text' tool.

Ok, but I do have to turn on unicode processing, right?

Right. Just do a "SDL_EnableUNICODE(1);" after SDL_SetVideoMode(...); This way you might even get characters special to the currently set Locale (like those "Umlaute" in german). Some of them are two-byte-character, so be careful.


Miguel A. Osorio.