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Re: New Name

Ian Crawford wrote:
> > "The Society for Open-Source Entertainment Software Development, and Stuff"
> Well... it's very descriptive, but not what I had in mind.  I'm thinking
> one word.  One cool word that we can relate to a phrase like "a Linux game
> development group" or "an open source entertainment software development
> group"
> See what I mean?  Does anyone think this is a _bad_ idea?

Yeah, I was actually kidding.  If we want to limit it to one word, perhaps we should think in terms of acronyms, like everyone
else... (GNOME, GNU, etc...)

Hey, I have a suggestion for this mailing list:  Make the mailing list attach a

Reply-To: linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk

header to all the messages it sends out.  I know that Majordomo does this pretty easily, though I don't know what it will do if the
originator has a Reply-To: header that conflicts with it.

Anyway, something with an L (Linux) for sure... also with an ES (Entertainment Software) or a G (Games).  Probably something with a
D (Developers).  Too many consonants....  yeesh...  Maybe I should write a program to do this.

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