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Re: Linux 3D

> But can we head up a project to get the attention of Software and
> Hardware developers to give Linux the attention it deserves? If hardware
> could ship with Linux support, it would be a huge boost! 

I totally agree.  You can even use our web page for it.  I don't plan do
put anything towards this myself because I think it will happen anyway... 
and soon!  I mean, Oracle, Netscape, and Corel are probably the 2nd, 3rd,
and 4th biggest software companies in the world (I know Oracle is 2nd, the
other 2 are guesses) and they have all pledged their support for Linux in
recent months.  This is good!  I don't think it will be to long before it
becomes standard for hardware to ship with any necessary kernel
patches/modules to run properly.

If you want to try to push this a little harder, go right ahead... but I
don't think you (no offense, here) will be as influential than Oracle,
Netscape, and Corel.  Or am I missing the point? (I have be known to do
that in the past).

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