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Another David Here

Hi, I'm David Ghandehari, a 4th-year student at UC Berkeley in "sunny" California, and I am presently working on an open-source
Science-fiction adventure/role-playing game for linux.  Presently, the Platform-dependant stuff is based in X, but I'm considering
porting it to GGI once it gets in the development kernels (if it hasn't already), simply because, even with MIT-SHM, I don't see how
X is really set up to handle lots of full-screen hi-res throughput.

Ian Crawford wrote:
> This will be our homepage for now on.  I have no talent for web page
> design so if someone else would like to maintain the page, let me know and
> it's all yours.  I have even less talent for graphic design than I do web
> page design so you will notice that there are no (that is, none, nadda,
> ...) graphics on that page.  This is where someone else should come in!

I dunno, I like how it looks, now.

> I'm going to try to get the page on the LDP, Slashdot, and Linux Games.
> Is there anywhere else I should try?

Maybe FreshMeat, too....?  Sometimes they post stuff like this.

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