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Let's get hackin'!

Hi everyone.  It seems that we now have a small congregation on this list,
so let's try to get things rolling a little faster.

First of all, let's discuss the name issue.

I have had a change of heart.  I think that, instead of being an
organization with a name that has "members", etc., I think we should keep
this a little more loose.  I think the web page (which is still open to
anyone who wants to maintain it) can be the headquarters for any and all
Linux game development.  It will keep a collection of Linux game
development related Links and will provide a home for any game development
projects that spawn from this list (and any others).  On that note, this
list can be a general Linux game development discussion forum.  You can
release your game ideas, find developers/artists/musicians/whoever to help
you with your game, or just talk games.  Sound good? 

Now for the news.  (I will try to get around to updating the web page this
morning, but no promises).  If you go to the Linux Documentation Project
homepage ( http://sunsite.unc.edu/LDP/ ) you will find a link to our page.
Isn't that fantastic!?!  I've also posted a news message to Slashdot, but
I haven't seen it show up there yet (it might not... Mr. Malda might not
think that we're Slashdot material). I have mentioned it on the game
development message board at http://www.linuxgames.com/ , though no one
has posted a followup (at least, not the last time I checked). 

Someone also sent me some links to a couple of Linux game APIs that might
be worth trying.  They are Clanlib ( http://clanlib.org ) and CrystalSpace
( http://www.grimware.com/CrystalSpace ).  They are both more complete
than PenguinPlay, though they don't seem as flexible.  My impression from
following the PenguinPlay mailing list is that they're not trying to do
things fast, they're trying to do things right!  There's definitely
something to be said for that.  Anyway, check out Clanlib and
CrystalSpace.  (Personally, I think my first game will be built on a 'roll
your own' philosophy so I can squeeze every last bit of performance out of
the code.) 

On an unrelated note, Game Developer Magasine ( http://www.gdmag.com )has
an excelent article on dealing with network latency.  It's only available
in print, and the magasine isn't cheap (after tax, $8.00 Canadian) but the
article is very helpful.  There's usually at least one really helpful
article per issue.  The last one I bought had a great article on low
polygon modelling.  Anyway, I digress... 

In the next couple of days, I'll be typing up my first two game ideas in
full.  These will be well thought through.  One of them is really simple
(a networked 3D billiards game.  BTW, if anyone knows a billiards expert,
I'll need help developing a set of rules for the AI engine in one player
competitive mode). The other one is a secret, but if done right, it could
be really good for Linux gaming.  You just wait! 

They will be pretty long, so I won't post them to the list.  I'll make a
section for stuff like this one the webpage.

If anyone has thought through ideas, send them to me.  Talk about them on
the list for some constructive criticism, but when you get the whole idea
on paper, email it to me and I'll put it on the web page.

Also, if anyone knows any artists or musicians that might be interested in
games, point them to this list.  They don't need to know anything about
Linux.  They just need to be able to create

So... Let's get hackin'!


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