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Re: Let's get hackin'!

Ian Crawford wrote:
> First of all, let's discuss the name issue.

I would like to suggest a catchy name with a more
descriptive one attached such as
CoolGames - Game Developer's Group.  I have no
good idea for the former.

> I have had a change of heart.  I think that, instead of being an
> organization with a name that has "members", etc., I think we should keep
> this a little more loose.

Well, I like the idea to stay as open as possible,
however, I would find a name (second part - see above)
contain something like "Group", "Guilde", "Forum", or so :O)
(where "Guilde" would describe a setting which offers
a disccusion place and services)

> You can
> release your game ideas, find developers/artists/musicians/whoever to help
> you with your game, or just talk games.  Sound good?

+ I like the idea to be a forum for all kinds of game
developer's on Linux, including commercial, Free Software,
+ I find providing a place to discuss and show new
Free Software game project ideas to other interested
developers and artists, etc. a good idea.
+ Such projects don't have to organize web-server, mailing
list, etc. themselves which is good.
+ Information providing is good: other game links/groups,
libraries, graphics tools, etc. possibly reviews (what's
useful for what kind of development, etc.)

I agree that we should focus on things which are
not (well-) covered elsewhere.

> Now for the news.  (I will try to get around to updating the web page this
> morning, but no promises).

The web page is really cool !  I like the "developers"
page and it would be interesting to get more people
on there.

> Someone also sent me some links to a couple of Linux game APIs that might
> be worth trying.  They are Clanlib ( http://clanlib.org ) and CrystalSpace
> ( http://www.grimware.com/CrystalSpace ).  They are both more complete
> than PenguinPlay, though they don't seem as flexible.

Does anybody know what the status of the "POOG"
library is ?  SDL has been mentioned also I think.
Does anybody remember which had an isometric
projection engine ?

> So... Let's get hackin'!


How many people are on the list already ?  (_you_ can get the
info by sending mail to linuxgames-list@sunsite.auc.dk)

Best regards,