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Football Game

That sounds like an excellent game.  One that could really take linux by
strom by the way the Gfx and ease of coding of the game.  That game looks
like one very easy to code.  Only major milstone owuld be plays and paths
which would be easy also.  Sounds like a easy project if its stays close to
the techmo bowl siplicity.  Need any help lemme know or coding partners.
Great networking could be put in also.

Since were introducing ourselves might as well join the bandwagon.

    My name is Ephren Taylor.  Some may know me as the ringmaster of the
Linux Game Developers Ring located at Http://www.kc.net/~mack-10.  Also
excuse the use of the MS product Im at work.  Java, C, C++ are my main
posions.  Currently getting ready to develop Java Games Software.
WindowMaker is my windowmanager gotta love it.  President of Flame Software.
Link at bottom.  Cant draw worth crap but can program to make up for it.  If
I had an artist things would be so much faster and easier than roaming the
net converting and formatting stolen images.  Im sure were all aware of that
way of getting images.  Can be a real pain and time consuming.  Maybe the 3d
artist and Gimp people and whatever else is out thhere should get together
and Lin k up with us to supply us some game GFX to make our screenshots and
games look cooler.

Just my thoughs and intro,



Ephren Taylor

Flame Software
Freeware for the rest of us.

Listen while you surf