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Re: Roll call

I'll introduce myself also.

I have no experience in game programming, but I'm working on it.

I'm currently attempting to write a 2D action football game for Linux.  I'd
like the game to be simple and fast, similar to Tecmo Bowl from the old
Nintendos, except with much better graphics (man, I'd hate to think about
how much time my friends and I spent playing Tecmo in college :)

These are the tools I'm currently using for development:
Linux (of course)
C++ (the fastest language for OOP???)
GGI (most promising/fastest graphics library???)
Povray (best free renderer???)
PNG graphics file format (I'd like to use this for the compression and

I've made many of the graphics and am just beginning the code.

Here is a picture of one of the sprites:
(See attached file: man56.bmp)
I'm very interested in any comments, questions, ideas etc...


Windows Bitmap