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Re: name issue

> what about:
> Linux Game Developers Headquater? (short: LGDHQ)

On the name thing.....

'Think evil' 

We could use the Gwar penguin as the symbol (Very evil..see the
'Carnival of Chaos' CD) and have the 'Penguins Attack!!' song as the

Maybe a GWAR game would be fun.. 'destroy everything'  heh.. I like that. 
Would make a great platform/shooter game.

how about this...

I propose this name for the Game Developers Headquarters. 
"Project Majestic"

Oh well it's Friday... In anyone is interested, I'm making Crystal Space
an RPM.  I'm doing it for X, I figured if people want the SVGAlib or GGI
they could recompile from the source. Thoughts on this?  Also anyone that
has used this, have you gotten the 'mazed' program to work?  for the life
of me I can't get the editor started and there were no docs that I could
readily find on what I needed to start it.