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Re: name issue

If the site/project is going to have a name, I'd like it to be something
more aesthetic than descriptive.  I want a name that sounds cool.

This brings me to the point that, the more I think about it, the less I
think a name is necessary.  I mean, it's not even like we're an organized
group.  This a discussion forum from which many Linux games will spawn. 
The web site is a resource and hosting service for Linux game developers
and their projects. 

I presume everyone is here because they want to make games for Linux.  I
would like that to be the focus and avoid all the kaffufle that can arise
when an organization is formed.  It's more open this way. 

If you disagree with this philosophy, tell me!  I will be democratic about
this and if you think I should be doing something differently, let me
know.  If you think you can help maintain this site and/or list, thus
making it more productive, please volunteer.  One person can accomplish
very little, alone, but a group of people can be much more effective.

On that note, I would really appreciate some help maintaining the web
site.  Even if you only want to take on a small part, like the projects
page or the resources page or the news or the appearance/theme or the
layout or whatever, I don't want to do it all.  If you look at my HTML,
you will understand web design is not my forte and that I put those pages
together in big hurry. It would be fantastic if one or two people could
help out.


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