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Re: name issue

Ian Crawford wrote:

> If the site/project is going to have a name, I'd like it to be something
> more aesthetic than descriptive.  I want a name that sounds cool.
> This brings me to the point that, the more I think about it, the less I
> think a name is necessary.

I agree completely.  Maybe we should continue without
and wait whether there will be some more suggestions,
Michaels idea sounded nice already, put them on the web page
and see in a month or two whether we want to pick one
after all.  As an aside, I don't think "headquaters" is
a very good part of the "long name", as people could
mistake us to be serious about ourselves =O)

In the meantime there is a lot we can do, I agree :O)

> I mean, it's not even like we're an organized
> group.  This a discussion forum from which many Linux games will spawn.
> The web site is a resource and hosting service for Linux game developers
> and their projects.

For this list to bring together people to work
on projects together and know about what's going
on elsewhere in games for Linux we need two
thing most IMHO, a high level audience and a large
audience.  My impression is that the former is quite
true.  We have to work on the latter I think, but we're
on the right track.

announcement on c.o.l.announce has been done, right ?
Some other game development groups have been approached.
Our web-pages are in the process of beeing registered
w/ other Linux and game development pages (we can all
probably help w/ finding pages which should usefully
point to the project as well)

It's IMHO _very_ valuable to know who is on the list,
espcially for those who havn't been here from the start
and don't feel like reading the whole mailing list

The developers page is a good idea in this regard,
I would like to encourage everybody who is doing
game development, wants to start development or has
interest in a particular project to give this info
to Ian to be put on the web page.

Best regards,