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I'm Patrick Draper and I'm the coordinator of the Free Trek project.
Free Trek will eventually be a space battle simulator.

The Free Trek web site is at
http://www.concentric.net/~pdrap/free_trek/free_trek.shtml and there's
an e-mail list at free_trek@hoku.net which is maintained by Chris
Wong. The traffic on the e-mail list is very very light, so don't be
afraid to subscribe.

Currently Free Trek is making a transition to a networked multi-player
model, allowing up to 16 starships to battle at once. The technologies
that it uses are OpenGL and GLUT, though GLUT might have to go away
because I don't think it'll work for full screen mode.

Free Trek is portable, meaning that it is intended to run under Linux
as well as Windows 95. Some other people have contributed information
which will also allow Free Trek to run on the BSD operating systems,
but those are not a priority for the project goals. (That doesn't mean
that it won't happen at the same pace as Linux and Windows
portability). All it means is that nothing in Free Trek will ever be
done that restricts its ability to be compiled and run under Linux or

We need developers and artists, but most importantly, we need people
who want to contribute their knowlege. So far, it's been just me
writing the code, with a tremendous amount of technical input from the
others on the Free Trek mailing list. This is the first game I've ever
worked on, and I'm doing it for the learning experience. The advice of
others who know more than me is extremely valuable.

I invite everyone to check out the web site, and get involved in the
project in whatever way you want to.


Patrick Draper
Phoenix, Arizona
Check out Free Trek! 

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