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Re: Definition of "The Right Thing"

On Fri, 16 Jul 1999, Brad Johnson wrote:

>	The reason I ask this is that a program I've been writing on and off
>for some time now is nearing a point of "completion", and I'm undecided as to
>wether I should just leave it as it is, or keep adding stuff to it.

Leave it as it is, release it and enjoy some feedback and maybe happy
users. Then, later, if you still have energy and you think it is funny you
can start adding new features or redesign bad stuff. If you try to do to
much you'll end up losing interest and the world will never hear about
your potentially great game. It's also easier to get contributors if you
have something already released that works somehow.

The problem with my projects are that they tend to expand like dying stars
before finally collapsing into black holes because of lost interest... :-)

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