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Re: Savers & Winamp plugins

On Fri, Jul 16, 1999 at 03:57:50PM +0200, Bert Peers wrote:
> Does anybody know of any documentation about writing
> screensavers for linux ?

No, not really. Perhaps check the sources of xlockmore (the most popular
screensaver). Maybe there is some information available on KSS (KDE
screensavers) on the KDE website www.kde.org.

> And, is there a Winamp like player for X11, that will
> support a plugin scheme ?  If so, any docs about how
> they work ?

Ask the guys from www.xmms.org, the what-used-to-be x11amp. At the moment
XMMS supports playing cd's, mp3's, wav's using plugins. It's probably the
best GUI MP3 player around for Linux.

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