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Re: Definition of "The Right Thing"

> 	The reason I ask this is that a program I've been writing on and off
> for some time now is nearing a point of "completion", and I'm undecided as to
> wether I should just leave it as it is, or keep adding stuff to it.

Well, I'm the type of programmer who lives in both camps 
(<music type="spy">a double agent I guess</music).  I don't do much game
development, but am trying to get into the swing of things.  However, from
my other development aspects, I find it easier (especially when writing
complex systems) is get something to a workable state, then release it to
a small group.  Let 'em bang at it.  As it gets popular, youget more
feedback, etc..

Ideally, I think the Enlightenment model works best.  Don't ever stop
cramming features in, always look to the greener hill, and always pay
attention to good user feedback.  You don't have to heed their advice, but
listen to it.  And, never be afraid of rewriting a large chunk (or all) of
code for the good of the system.

There are times when small/separate programs come in handy (awk, cp, etc.)
but a game is not one of 'em.

My method for judging what is the "Right Thing" is when an idea is
introduced, and I think "Whoa!  Cool!".  Thats when its the Right Thing.
If no one can use it in the immediate future, who cares...someone,
somewhere, sometime will find it usefull, and will thank you up and down
for putting it there.

-- Michael Nachbaur
Codito ergo sum - "I code therefore I am"
ICQ: 3651188