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Re: 'not an artist' article

On 05-Jul-2000 Steve Baker wrote:
> Erik wrote:
>> Has the genome project released any technical documentation? I remember
>> hearing
>> that they had completed something, mebbe it was just the human DNA? Fruit
>> flies
>> were figured out quite a while ago (14 genes iirc). Since they are examining
>> what we are trying to emulate, maybe we should look at their results and see
>> what they found the basic building blocks to be and how they find them
>> attached. I'm sure the most natural results would come if we could use
>> nature
>> as a blueprint :)
> Yikes!
> Do you have any *idea* how far that is from being possible?

of course not, I just like talking :) 

I'd imagine that quite a few of the 'simpler' have very limited sets of genes,
and fairly controlled patterns. Take atomic assembly at the first state of
excitation, there is a very simple and definite way that atoms are put
together, and given just 2 numbers you can accurately model a stable atom. You
can also easily model interactions between atoms that create molecules.
There're a lot of different atoms (check a periodic table), and a HUGE number
of molecules. But with a small amount of 'control' data you can accurately
construct atoms and molecules. If we pick, say, 50 'important' genes, we can
build quite a diverse set of things. :) I'm not saying we should use the genome
projects findings directly, but they are working on creating a knowlege base of
how it's done. We use physics, usually a modified version that is much simpler
and easier than what scientists have noted, but we still produce 'good'
results. I'm thinking if we looked at what the genome project knows, then we'll
have an idea of how it really works and know how to fake it better. I'm sure
your tux games use a simple physics model, and I'm sure there are shortcuts and
simplifications you made when implementing the physics models. But you knew
what needed to be there and what could be skipped. 

I never said implement it exactly how the genome project sees it :) maybe the
word 'blueprint' was a poor choice. Possibly 'roadmap' or 'hint' would be
better :)

        -Erik <erik@smluc.org> [http://math.smsu.edu/~br0ke]

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