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Genetic Algorithms for Character Design (Was: 'not an artist' article)

OK - how about this.

The original Biomorphs program specified a double-ended tree structure.

This kind of thing:

             _|     |_
               \   /
                \ /
                / \
              _/   \_
               |   |

...but MUCH more complex...

The genes control stuff like the ratio of parent branch length
to child branch length, the branching angles, etc, etc.

So, what if we did a really basic conversion of that to 3D and used
the endpoints of the leaf nodes as 3D points - which we'd then connect
up using some kind of triangulation algorithm to make a mesh.

Then we could play with making each branch have a colour - which would
propagate with variation down to the leaf nodes.  The resulting 3D
vertex would take that colour to make colour blended vertices in our
resulting mesh.

It seems to me that since we know that Biomorphs can essentially
hack the genetic stuff - all we really need is a way to do 3D and
a polygonal skin.

Can anyone think why this would not be a good place to start?

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