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Cubesoft's OMIGG Project v0.0.09

Cubesoft has released version 0.0.09 of the OMIGG project. 
This version uses Crystal Space v0.16r2+(Fix on Webpage).  Source of Crystal SPace is included for convinience. Soon will be released a version that doesn't include Crystal Space source. 
So far OMIGG allows you to go and shoot other people.  It is fairly configurable(the goal) too.  On our web page I include information on our release plan, so you can see by about wqhat version we expect game play to be fairly complex.
Changes include 
-Fixed the command-line options.  The mouse options are not working yet 
-Statistical displays now work again.  This just might have been because of  
 the command line was not working though. 
-Almost got internal sprite format conversion working 
-Fixed a bug dealing with the shutdown crash, well now it is probably easier to 
 find the true cause 
-Moved all PrepareFrame () tasks to NextFrame () if existant, if not,  
 renamed them.	So now the Frame development process is a little simpler and  
 standard across all the classes. 
-Reimplemented class widgetMamager and all subsequent classes. 
-Fixed a lot of major bugs 
-Generalized the menus a little 
-Started work on Interface focus.  This will be finished in the next release 
 because it will finished in the workspave rewrite 
-Finally fixed the major sprite movement bug.  For some reason the sprite  
 collided with its self.  I made a check to see if it is testing against itself 
 and a check to make sure it was a sprite OMIGG created(has an owner) 
-To make it so I could modify the console, I basically stole csSimpleConsole and 
 Command out.  This has now allowed it so I could change the console key, and 
 made it so I didn't have to completely rewrite eveyrthing. 
-Changed bits of the console like the prompt and the key to acces it 
-You and the AI can now die.  Also code was added to handle a dead player 
-Some of the menus work, basically mainly the switches(bool, on/off) 
-Finished the work for weapons for now, go kill em 
-Switched over to Crystal Space v0.16r2+bugfix by Jorrit(fix will be in next  
 stable, v0.16r3) from CS v0.15r2 
-Switched over to new debugging system that is in CS0.16, no more CHK's 
-Switched to new Crystal Spave random number generator. It passes all tests 
 and has a period of 2^144, and is mostly consistent across platforms 
-Not as much annoying console output, but it is easy to reimplement.  Do  
 this by going into cmd.cpp and setting the "#if 0" to "#if 1".  You can 
 do the same in omigg.cpp to get more details on collisions 
note: when I refer to AI, I mean computer controlled players, I doubt you could consider what they currently do anyform of intelligence.  Later, the code will be improved, and then turned into a plugin(I don't want to mess with learning SCF right now) 


Ed Page
Cubesoft Development

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