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Re: Cubesoft's OMIGG Project v0.0.09

Steve Baker wrote:

> Ed Page wrote:
> >
> > Cubesoft has released version 0.0.09 of the OMIGG project.
> Are we all going to continually post every consecutive release of everything
> we work on here?
> We seem to be getting a series of CrystalSpace postings to this list - and
> I really think those belong on their own list.  If I cared a rats ass about
> these minor revisions, I'd subscribe to their list (and be annoyed about
> getting duplicate posts - presumably) - since I don't, I'd rather not be
> spammed.
> If on the other hand, it *is* the policy to accept these kinds of posts
> then I need to hit the list about four or five times a week with minor
> PLIB changes, changes to the Tux_AQFH and TuxKart engines, PrettyPoly
> progress reports, etc, etc.

Neither the latest Crystal Space release (0.16) nor the latest OMIGG release
are small updates. Don't let the small release numbers mislead you. Such
a big release of Crystal Space as 0.16 was only happens twice a year so you
don't get much traffic from that. OMIGG is the same.


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