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Re: Indrema and their console

on 15/07/00 05:10, Steve Baker at sjbaker1@airmail.net wrote:

>> I don't know if any of you are interested, but I just interviewed John
>> Gildred, head of Indrema, who is the guy behind the IES console.
>> http://www.gamesmania.com/html/interviews/show.asp?file=interview5
> I spoke to this guy a few weeks ago - it seems they want to charge
> money to 'certify' your games for the Indrema - and some of the
> conditions they apply are rather draconian. (eg The entire game
> must come as one file and have zero installation requirements.)

> It seems unlikely that many OpenSource developers are going to
> stand for that kind of thing - but who knows?
> He was going to send me a developers pack to look though - but it
> hasn't appeared yet.

Join the club. Okay, John Gildred hasn't promised to send me anything, but
everyone else does and it never seems to arrive here. A Canada-U.S. trade

I've heard a lot of mixed reactions about this console. I've heard a lot of
people say that they hope he succeeds, and a lot who say there's no a chance
in hell that he'll succeed. (Most of those were on Slashdot.) But I figure
if nothing else, it's good PR for Linux. And I don't know if John Gildred is
a visionary, but he is at the very least a guy with some neat ideas. Even if
OpenSource developers don't go for his console, I do like to see some little
guy providing an alternative to the Sega and Sony dynasty.

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