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Re: Indrema and their console

I hope he succeeds... but so far my impression of Indrema is a lot of smoke and mirrors
with little substance.

Linux has enough problems without people selling lemons with Linux spray-painted on the


On Mon, Jul 17, 2000 at 09:59:43PM +0800, Samantha Craggs wrote:
> I've heard a lot of mixed reactions about this console. I've heard a lot of
> people say that they hope he succeeds, and a lot who say there's no a chance
> in hell that he'll succeed. (Most of those were on Slashdot.) But I figure
> if nothing else, it's good PR for Linux. And I don't know if John Gildred is
> a visionary, but he is at the very least a guy with some neat ideas. Even if
> OpenSource developers don't go for his console, I do like to see some little
> guy providing an alternative to the Sega and Sony dynasty.

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