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Re: The Artists thing

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> I'm a bit disappointed with how this "artists" thread developed - or
> rather disappeared silently. People talked much and loudly about how
> desperately we/they need artists, but when it came to the point of
> actively *doing* something about it - silence.

Well, the bottom line was that we couldn't *think* of anything to do.

We made a mailing list - just in case we could find some artistic
types to talk on it - but agreed that it would be better if we 
programmer types just lurked and listened until we had heard
what the artists might have to say.

However, so far, no artists.

I don't think we even really know where to advertise the list so
people will sign on to it.

> Please don't look to me in this issue. I'm neither a game developer
> myself nor am I an official representative. I can assist (like by setting
> up a mailing list etc), but the main initiative *has* to come from the
> game developers themselves!

There already *is* a mailing list.  There has been no actual content
posted to it yet.

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