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Re: Indrema and their console

> I spoke to this guy a few weeks ago - it seems they want to charge
> money to 'certify' your games for the Indrema - and some of the
> conditions they apply are rather draconian. (eg The entire game
> must come as one file and have zero installation requirements.)

It seemed early on to me that Indrema's console was more of a network
computer than a game console.  Recently, however, all the press seems
to focus of gaming aspects.  If they require the entire game be one
executable though then you won't be able to do any modern games.
(Well not entirely true.  I suppose you might be able to load a massive
executable and let the memory manager page things in and out.  I'd
imagine developers would prefer the currently collection of data files
over that.)

Dennis Payne

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