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Re: CrystalSpace vs Ogre3d


You could also give Torque Game Engine or Torque Shader Engine a run. Its a fully fledged 3d engine - not only rendering as with Ogre.

It has its own scripting engine too, so you can save a lot of time implementing game logic in script.

I cannot praise it enough - even if its a commercial engine at $100, the price is ridicilously low for what you get. (I'm in no way getting % from them)

It also runs native on Linux, Mac + Windows, so head over to www.garagegames.com to check it out. You can download the demo and you can try your hands at the scripting part. You have to buy the engine to get the source code.

But like one of the others said - coding 3d (with or without a full engine) is a major task, and it will take you years before you have a finished full game.


Francesco Orsenigo wrote:

Sorry, i slipped my finger on the mouse and replyed twice to Frédéric message...