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speaking of bad releases...

Funny to have a thread about buggy releases right now...

LibPPlay v0.1.0 turned out to be unusable (completely unusable under Linux
and seriously buggy under Win32). Here's the meat (taken 1:1 from the PPlay
webpage, as I'd rather spend the time on debugging than on writing several
individualized messages):

	<td>Making a fool of oneself is the best way of learning, some say. Well,
	that certainly applies in this case. We released LibPenguinPlay 0.1.0
	to the public without testing whether the built dynamic library actually
	works (all the testing was done with a static lib in a special environment)
	and without testing all API functions. Shame on me (creinig).<br>
	It turned out that (1) libpenguinplay.so wasn't linked to libdl.so and thus
	even refused to load, that (2) the ppfChdir () API function was completely
	broken and (3) several other API functions also hadn't been tested at all.
	Sorry for that. It won't happen again.<br>
	An updated version, LibPenguinPlay-0.1.1, is available for
        <a href="infrastructure.php3#FTP">download</a> now. It fixes the libdl.so dependency
	problem as well as the ppfChdir () bugs. I'll also immediately start
	testing the yet "neglected" functions, and upload a v0.1.2 archive once
	everything looks good.

I guess a "Pre-Release Checklist" article would be useful...

Christian Reiniger
Coordinator/Coder, PenguinPlay (http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/)
Coordinator,       LGDC        (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

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