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Re: Tux Racer 0.10 Released

On Tue, Mar 21, 2000 at 12:20:44AM -0600, Steve Baker wrote:

ok. i must accept there is truth in your words ;)

hmmm. perhaps it would be enough if you added a new .html file
on your webpage called compilation and installation.
it should go like this:

- use NO background image !!!!
- use no fancy color or textsize stuff. just <h2> etc.

******* snip
you do not clobber your system with files you cannot remove anymore.
you do not need to be root. there are no risks.
the compilation is not complicated.
if you have any kind of problems, that is not documented here,
PLEASE send me email so that i can improve this webpage, until
all the problems from you people out there will be in this page.
remember, it is lame if you don't report problems.
running around shouting "tux_aqfh sux!!!" without telling the authors
about your problems is not fair!

<h1>non-standard things you must have before you can start to compile</h1>

make sure you have at least version xxxx. installed.
probably your distribution should contain that.
if not, you can compile it yourself, see instructions on
the <a href="wsdf,h">mesa homepage</a>
<h3>SuXXe version 6.1</h3>
if you have SuXXE Version 6.1 you have a incorrect Mesa installation.
please remove all mesa packages then and install it yourself.

you need at least version xxxx. installed.
the configure script of tux_aqfh will tell you, wich version
you have installed, so perhaps you should try that first, see below.
if you don't have it installed, see if your distribution contains it.
(in the right version!)
if not, you must compile it yourself.
this is not difficult! and you do not even need to be root, and you
do not clobber your system.
see the <a href="jkh">plib homepage - compilation&install</a>
for instructions.
# the plib homepage must clearly show how to use options
# --prefix=~/localinst/plib for local installation without being root.
# and without background images and fancy color stuff and font sizes

<h1>the compilation and installation of tux_aqfh</h1>
tar xzvf tux_*.tgz
cd tux_*.tgz
  you can add --prefix=~/localinst/tux if you don'T want to install
  tux_aqfh as root. please don'T install as root if you aren't sure
  that this really is what you want.
  you can add --with-plib-include and --with-plib-library if you
  didn't install plib as root. if you forget this options, configure
  will not find plib. if your distribution has installed you an old
  version of plib, and you installed a new version of plib by hand
  you will have to use this options! otherwise configure will complain
  that the plib version is wrong, because it will not find your version
  but the other version if you don't specify the paths.
make install
  yes make install is neccessary. it must only be run as root
  if you didn't specify the --prefix option to configure (see above)

now do
export PATH="$PATH":~/localinst/tux/bin
so that the tux_aqfh binaries can be found.

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH":~/localinst/plib/lib
^^ this should already be done, if you followed the plib installation
   instructions! if plib is installed as root, this command is not

you should add those commands to your login script.
otherwise you need to retype them each time you want to play

now type

Have fun!

<h1>removing tux_aqfh</h1>
if you have installed it as root, go to /usr/local
and remove bin/tux_ and lib/tux/*
don'T forget to remove plib, if you want. see the
<a href="sdkfjh">plib instalaltion page</a>

if you have installed locally just do
rm -rf ~/localinst/tux

and make sure you remove the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings from
your login script.

******* snap

if you hate HTML just use a big <quote> environment and write
the text with your ASCII editor in ASCII format ;)
this is how i usually do it.
and the good point is that this way the SAME documentation
can also be included in the distribution, without writing it twice.
(who likes html in your README file....)

:-) hope to have helped...


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Email: erikyyy@erikyyy.de                                o `QQ'_
IRC:   erikyyy                                            /   __8
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