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Re: autoconf help?

J. Perkins wrote:

>statements. But where do you go to find this stuff out? I'm inexperienced
>at Linux, but not at coding. I have no trouble writing autoconf tests *when
>I know what I'm testing for*. Where do you find this stuff out? How do you
>test it? 

Well, when I have problems with auto(conf|make), I usually look at how the
GGI people did it. Their build system is perhaps the most sophisticated
I've seen yet.
As for real documentation - no idea. I'm looking for that myself.

>and I've done that. I have no idea what the difference between "tar.gz" and
>".tgz" is when "tar xvfz" unpacks both of them. Now that I've moved the

There isn't any. "tgz" is just briefer. Perhaps it came from ye olde days
of 8.3 filenames on CDs/floppies...

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