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Re: Obsolete libraries

Francesco Orsenigo wrote:
Steve Baker:

-a mouse pointer; some control on the pointer look would be also nice.

GLUT gives you glutSetCursor which allows you to pick any of the 'standard'
cursor shapes - or to turn the cursor off altogether.  In games, I find
it's generally better to draw the cursor yourself and just turn off the X

I found this solution slow.
Even if optimizing the pointer redraw (ie redrawing only what is needed) improves dramatically the pointer performance, is still slow... i need to check this against the 16/32 bpp conversio, but i find it slow.
You must either be doing something DRASTICALLY wrong or you don't have
OpenGL installed.

You can draw the cursor with one textured triangle.  My graphics card
can draw 25 MILLION textured triangles per second.  If it's slowing
you down, you are doing something deeply wrong...or (more likely), you
either don't have a 3D graphics card or the drivers aren't installed.

-Not an overwhelming amount of libraries: i'm still trying to figure out
wich parameters i need to compile GLUT programs: while demos work, my
programs and TuxKart abort with "GLUT: Fatal Error in [program]: OpenGL
GLX extension not supported by display: :0.0"

Sounds like you don't have OpenGL installed correctly.
Yes, maybe.
But demos work perfectly (and they make the same calls my programs do..)
Of course, if i try to manually compile a demo program, it shows the same error (while still compiling flawlessly).
In order to compile, the header files have to be there and there has
to be an OpenGL library installed.  However, the OpenGL library doesn't
have to be the right one for your graphics card - and the kernel level
interfaces don't need to be there - and the GLX extension doesn't have
to be present in X-windows.

However, all of those things DO have to be right in order for the program
to run.

My installation was a standard ./configure, make, make install with root provileges, i followed the install instruction like a robot.
But is OpenGL installed correctly?

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