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Re: Obsolete libraries

Steve Baker:
> > I found this solution slow.
> > Even if optimizing the pointer redraw (ie redrawing only what is needed)
> > improves dramatically the pointer performance, is still slow... i need to
> > check this against the 16/32 bpp conversio, but i find it slow.
> You must either be doing something DRASTICALLY wrong or you don't have
> OpenGL installed.

Yes, i'm speaking about SDL/ALLEGRO.
If i find OpenGL so much faster, i may reconsider the software render.

> >>Sounds like you don't have OpenGL installed correctly.
> >
> > Yes, maybe.
> > But demos work perfectly (and they make the same calls my programs do..)
> > Of course, if i try to manually compile a demo program, it shows the same
> > error (while still compiling flawlessly).
> In order to compile, the header files have to be there and there has
> to be an OpenGL library installed.  However, the OpenGL library doesn't
> have to be the right one for your graphics card - and the kernel level
> interfaces don't need to be there - and the GLX extension doesn't have
> to be present in X-windows.
> However, all of those things DO have to be right in order for the program
> to run.

Assumed that demos compiled on my machine with the original makefile runs 
correctly, i suppose i should add somewhat the GLX extensions at my program 
and at TuxKart.
I think i must figure out what is the compile parameter i'm missing.

> But is OpenGL installed correctly?
All demos work, so i think it is.

Francesco Orsenigo