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Re: Why not to fear LGD.. - heading for final draft.

Rob Kaper wrote:

>There is still a semi-final draft of a piece I wrote  'why not to fear
Linux >game development'.
>It's on-line at http://capsi.com/editorials-linuxgamedev.shtml
>I would like some input so we can make it up-to-date, better and use it for

The second paragraph in the "There IS money in Linux" part ("It is true
that open source applications ...") is a bit confusing IMHO, especially
torards the end.

The "Both a poll on Slashdot as history prove ..." either has a type or my
english got worse. It should be "... and history ...", right?

At the end: "Rob Kaper, January 6th, 1999. Revised at January 12th, 1998"
The revision date is earlier than the creation date ;)

Aside from that (and your own comments) I can't find weak points.



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