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Re: sdkprojects.html

Dan Kegel wrote:

>Christian Reiniger wrote:
>> <p><a NAME="Networking"></a><b><font size=+2>Networking SDKs</font></b>
>> <p><b><font size=+1>'Fauxplay'</font></b>
>> <p>Fauxplay is the codename for a yet-unnamed

>You might mention that Civ: Call To Power uses this SDK.

Ah, ok.

>months).  Just added launching-from-the-web demo to the sdk (and
>am still looking for a decent java or javascript chat to go
>with it).  
>I need to spend some time with our licensing guys and making
>sure our ducks are all in a row, but it's hard with games
>going out the door constantly.

Sure. Can you drop us a line when that licensing issue is done?



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