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Re: Fwd: Book guy

>I am not yet sure how I want to do things. I am thinking that if we all
>use lyx then the chapters can just be listed in order like.

Those can get very big...
And chapter numbering can easily change. I'd name them by chapter title.

>and so on. It would make changing stuff arround easyer in the long run
>because no files would have to be deleted. I am kind of leanning toward
>lyx because there is a linuxdoc mode that can output sgml. Plus lyx is

Do you know *which* linuxdoc output it is? The old one or the coming one
(docbook). Try generating a document and look at its header. The point is
that the old linuxdoc is being obsoleted. On the other hand, lynx surely
will be updated to the newer one... Guess it's ok.

>account. I am also right in the middle of finals so it may be a few days
>before you here from me but I am here. :)

Ok :)



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