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Re: Games, games and games


> What I want to know is what sort of games people would be buy for 
> Linux/BSD/SOlaris/Whatever. I expect Loki's regular offerings of 'Yet Another 
> FPS' isn't the sort of thing Linux users generally go in for.
> In my personal experience, Linux users tend to be into RPGs/RTS', and not 
> gorefests.
> Opinions?


I enjoy a game of ut once in a while, but not for very long and not very often.
I personally prefer strategy and simulation type games, sometimes welldone
rpg type games :) Some of my favorites are games like pirates, silent service,
X-wing, starcraft, mechwarrior3, bards tale, a handful of flight sims, ...

I think one of the things I'm really looking for is a definite story, but *I* want an
active hand in defining the story. A lot of games have a single thread storyline
and you're not so much a participant as merely a button pusher. The 'story'
attached to a typical fps game is virtually nonexistant and basically a kluge to
attempt to explain why you're on a gorefest. :) I have nothing against a little
gore, but I like to think, too. I'm not afraid to think a little, that's why I'm not
using windows or a game console :)

         -Erik <erik@smluc.org> [http://math.smsu.edu/~erik]

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