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Re: Games, games and games

> What I want to know is what sort of games people would be buy for
> Linux/BSD/SOlaris/Whatever. I expect Loki's regular offerings of 'Yet Another
> FPS' isn't the sort of thing Linux users generally go in for.
> In my personal experience, Linux users tend to be into RPGs/RTS', and not
> gorefests.

To be honest, I really like FPSs.  In fact, one of the appeals of Linux to
me origianlly was the fact I could still play Quake (back in the days of
the fast college connection...).  Cant got far wrong beating a few bots up
when you've had a bad day...

That being said, I enjoy RPGs and RTSs too.

I think you'd be hard pressed to find a trend, really... although of
course, a new poll might be something interesting to try (What is your
favorite style of game: FPS, RPG, Adventure, RTS, Puzzle, Racing, Sports
Sim, 'God' games, I like something different, I hate playing games)


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